The Police Review and Community-Police Relations Commission shall:
   (a)    Review the completed investigations of the Division of Police which involve Mansfield Police Division employee-citizen contact. The review of any specific Division of Police investigation shall not take place until the investigation of the complaint is complete, provided that no records may be reviewed by the Commission that contain information that is confidential or their release is prohibited by state or federal law. In cases where charges are filed against the employee, the Commission's review shall not be conducted until the disciplinary process has been concluded by a hearing before the Director of Public Safety. If criminal charges are pending against the citizen who filed the complaint or any person who is directly involved in the allegations of the complaint, the Commission shall not review the file until the prosecution of the case through trial has been completed.
   (b)    At the time a complaint is reviewed afford the aggrieved person, any witnesses on behalf of the aggrieved person, any Police employee involved in the case and any witnesses on behalf of the Police employee an equal opportunity to be heard.
   (c)    Assess whether the investigations conducted by the Mansfield Police Division were thorough, accurate, credible and impartial. If the Commission is satisfied with the investigation or disposition of the case, such conclusion shall be noted in the minutes of the meeting.
   (d)    Include on the meeting agenda a structured opportunity for members of the public to direct questions to the Commission.
   (e)    Educate the public concerning the Division of Police investigations and disciplinary process in order to promote public understanding of the system.
   (f)    Study and review those functions of the Division of Police investigations process consistent with the purpose and intent for which it was created; provided, however, that the Commission has no authority to conduct its own investigations, call or subpoena witnesses or impose disciplinary action against any police employees.
   (g)    Make written recommendations to the Mayor and City Council to improve the relationships between the public and the Mansfield Police Division.
   (h)    Treat all information received in the course of its duties as confidential and shall not disclose such information unless permitted or authorized by law.
   (i)    Report to the Mayor and City Council as they may from time to time request.
   (j)    Submit an annual report of its operations to City Council. Such report shall include any recommendations for improving the functions of the Commission or the Division of Police investigation process.
   (k)    By a vote of two-thirds of the members, adopt rules and regulations which it may, from time to time, change by the same majority vote. No rule or regulation shall conflict with any statute, ordinance, collective bargaining agreement or other law. Such rules and regulations shall fix the time and place of regular meetings and shall provide for special meetings, for appearances by private citizens before the Commission and for such other matters as are pertinent to the operation of the Commission.
   (l)    Attendance by members of Commission. Members of the Commission shall attend all meetings of the Commission. Upon any member of the Commission being absent from all scheduled meetings of the Commission for two consecutive months, or four consecutive scheduled meetings, without valid excuse, the Chairperson shall cause to be placed on the agenda of the Commission for its next scheduled meeting a motion declaring the seat of such member to be vacant for absence without valid excuse. The Secretary shall immediately notify in writing such member that a motion under this policy of the Commission will be considered at the next scheduled meeting of the Commission declaring his or her seat vacant by reason of absence without valid excuse and that such member will have the opportunity to be heard at such scheduled meeting prior to consideration of the motion by the Commission. Such motion may be passed by the Commission but shall require the concurrence of two-thirds of all members appointed to the Commission for its adoption. A valid excuse shall include, but not be limited to, severe illness of the member or severe illness and death of immediate family. A member's absence shall be subject to a vote of validity at the meeting from which they are absent.
      (Ord. 16-099. Passed 6-7-16.)