Section 14.02 Charter Review Commission.
   (A)    A Charter Review Commission is hereby created consisting of one (1) person to be elected from each ward of the City and as many persons to be elected from the City at large as there are elected council members at large; members of the Commission shall serve one year terms of office which shall not be staggered or overlapping. The Charter Review Commission shall not be a continuing body, but shall be elected at four (4) year intervals commencing at the regular municipal election to be held in November 1987. The members of the Commission shall take office on the first day of December following their election, and their term of office shall end on the thirtieth day of November of year following the beginning of their terms of office. No elected official of the City of Mansfield shall be permitted to serve on a Charter Review Commission. All members of the Charter Review Commission are subject to the one (1) year residency requirement established in Section .
   (B)    Ward candidates for the Charter Review Commission shall be nominated by petitions to be signed by not less than twenty-five (25) electors of the ward they seek to represent and at large candidates shall be nominated by petitions to be signed by not less than fifty (50) electors of the City. Petitions shall be filed with the election authorities in the amount of time prescribed by Ohio Revised Code § 3513.263 or analogous future provision if any, prior to the regular municipal election at which they are to be elected. The ballot for election of members of the Commission shall be non-partisan and shall not contain any reference to a political party. Vacancies in the membership of the Commission shall be filled by the Council appointing an elector of the ward represented by the person whose vacancy is to be filled.
   (C)    The Charter Review Commission shall study and review the provisions of this Charter and the operations of the City, and shall report its recommendations, if any, for revisions to the Charter to the Council within nine (9) months after the election of the members of the Commission. Recommendations for the revisions of this Charter shall be approved by the majority vote of all members elected or appointed to the Commission. The Council shall submit any amendments recommended by the Commission to the voters in the manner provided by the Constitution and laws of Ohio. The Council shall appropriate funds to the Commission as determined by Council for the Commission to carry out its functions, powers and duties.
(Amended 11-8-16.)