Section 7.02 Powers, Duties and Functions.
   (A)    The Director of Law shall be an attorney-at-law duly authorized to practice law in the State of Ohio. The Director of Law shall not serve as legal counsel to any school district, county, township, other municipality, or other political subdivision, district or unit of the State or local governments; except that he or Assistant Directors of Law may represent the Mansfield City School District, or any successor district, pursuant to a contract approved by such School District and the City's Council, with any compensation under such contract for such services being paid into the City's treasury.
   (B)   The Director of Law shall be the legal advisor, prosecuting attorney and counsel for the City and, subject to the direction of Council, shall represent the City in all proceedings in court or before any administrative board or body. To the extent consistent with this Charter, the Director of Law shall perform all other powers, duties and functions now or hereafter imposed on City Directors of Law under the laws of Ohio, and shall perform other duties as required by this Charter, by ordinance or resolution, or as directed by the Mayor.
   (C)   The Council may provide for assistants and special counsel to the Director of Law. All assistants shall be appointed by the Director of Law. The assistants shall be responsible to the Director of Law and when authorized, may exercise all or any part of the powers, duties and functions granted to the Director of Law under this section. Special counsel may be employed by the Director of Law or by the Council to perform powers, duties and functions authorized by and in the manner provided by the Director of Law or the Council, as appropriate to their engagement.