No person shall place or deposit or cause to be placed or deposited on any land owned or leased or controlled by him, which is within the natural watershed of the City reservoirs, or any watercourse tributary thereto, or on or under the surface of the ground at any point from which contamination may reach the City reservoirs or any watercourse tributary thereto, or into the Clearfork stream of the Mohican River, or any watercourse tributary thereto, contrary to the provisions of Ohio R.C. 743.25, any human excreta, offal, urine, the contents of any chemical commode, kitchen waste, laundry waste, slop sink waste, contents or drainage of sewage or septic tanks, dead animals, garbage or refuse or offensive, putrid or polluting materials of any kind, including industrial and chemical wastes, excepting therefrom any roof~and foundation drainage into the surface of the ground, or into any excavation, land drain or watercourse draining into the City reservoirs or one of them. This section applies to the lands described in Section 949.04.
(Ord. 76-341. Passed 9-21-76.)