937.17 ANALYSES.
   Laboratory procedures used in the examination of industrial wastes shall be those set forth in the latest edition of "Standard Methods" which are approved in 40 CFR Part 136 or any other method approved by OEPA and the Service Director and the owner.
   Determination of the character and concentration of the industrial wastes shall be made by the owner responsible for the discharge, or his qualified agent as approved by the Service Director. The results of the analyses shall be reported to the City on a monthly, quarterly, bimonthly or a yearly basis depending on classification, on forms provided by the City. The City shall make its own analyses on the wastes and these determinations shall be binding as a basis for charges, except under circumstances in the following paragraph.
   In case the analyses performed by the industry and the City result in substantially difference values, an effort shall be made by the industry to collect samples at the same time the City collects its own samples. The results of the analyses on the samples collected by the City and the industry shall be compared using the same testing procedures as outlined in the latest approved edition of "Standard Methods" and the difference negotiated.
(Ord. 92-008. Passed 1-7-92.)