(a)    Any person desiring for necessary purposes to make an opening in any street in the City shall make a written application to the Bureau of Buildings, Inspections, Licenses and Permits for a permit to open such street. Such application shall set forth the location, kind and extent of the pavement desired to be taken up, the purpose and size of the openings to be made and the time when such openings are desired or necessary.
   Upon such application being filed the applicant shall pay to the Bureau the sum of fifty dollars ($50.00) as an inspection and permit fee and shall deposit with the Bureau a backfill and repair deposit calculated in accordance with the following schedule:
Per lineal foot opening
Improved Streets
Unimproved Streets
Grass or Lawn Strip
   The amount of deposit shall be calculated by multiplying the above rate times the centerline distance of opening within the sidewalk, grass or lawnstrip, unimproved street or improved street area.
   Grass or lawn strip shall be measured from the right-of-way line to the traveled edge of the street and the street opening shall be measured from the traveled edge of the street to the furthest end of and along with the opening.
   (b)    When it becomes necessary by reason of the negligence or failure of the applicant or for any other reason, for City forces to provide, maintain, replace, erect or re-erect barriers, warning lights, traffic control devices, flares or other warning and safety devices in and about the excavation as required by law or to backfill, relay or repair the opening or the backfill as made by the applicant, then the reasonable cost and expense of the labor and materials so provided by the City in remedying such defects shall be chargeable against the applicant and against the deposit made.
   (c)    The Bureau shall make an inspection of the applicant's work not less than forty-five days nor more than fifty days after notice from the applicant that his backfill and repairs have been completed. After a satisfactory inspection report has been filed, the deposit, less any amounts chargeable under this section, shall be refunded to the applicant. No permit shall be issued to any applicant who has not satisfied all charges and fees against him arising from the granting of a prior street opening permit. Upon compliance with this section the Bureau shall issue its permit for the opening of the street specified in the application.
   (d)    The deposits established in subsection (a) hereof shall not be required of public utility companies under franchise with, and operating in the City, but the provisions of subsection (b) hereof shall be applicable to such companies and any expenses and costs incurred by the City in remedying omissions, neglect and defects shall be chargeable to the public utility company. (Ord. 13-008. Passed 1-15-13.)