The following criteria and considerations are hereby established to control the granting of corner lot adjustments in street improvement projects wherein bounding and abutting property is assessed a portion of the cost of such improvement:
   (a)    A corner lot is deemed to be a parcel of land abutting on two of its continuous dimensions upon:
      (1)    Two intersecting public streets or ways, or
      (2)    A single named public street or way whose continuous path abuts such two continuous dimensions of the parcel.
   (b)    Only a single adjustment shall be granted to any corner lot, whether heretofore or hereafter granted.
   (c)    An adjustment shall be granted to a corner lot only after both dimensions of the parcel referred to in subsection (a) hereof have been specially benefited by street improvements abutting thereon.
   (d)    The adjustment shall be a reduction of the special assessment last levied against the parcel equal to one-third of the amount assessed against the parcel for the improvement abutting the longer of the two dimensions referred to in subsection (a) hereof. Provided, no adjustment shall exceed the total amount last levied against the parcel for an improvement abutting one of the dimensions referred to in subsection (a) hereof.
   (e)    When a corner lot qualifies for an adjustment under the provisions hereof, such adjustment shall be made as a matter of course and no request therefor shall be deemed necessary.
   (f)    The amount of the adjustment shall be assumed as an additional part of the cost to the City of the improvement, and the adjustment can only be granted at the time the assessments for the improvement are levied.
   (g)    As used in this chapter, "street improvement" means grading to the established grade, constructing curbs and gutters, storm drainage, etc., and paving to a minimum width of twenty-eight feet with some suitable material.
      (Res. 73-448.    Passed 11-6-73.)