(a)    When a person is charged with a violation of any provision of Sections 533.08 to 533.10 the arresting authorities or a court shall cause the accused to be examined by a physician to determine if the accused is suffering from a venereal disease.
   (b)    If the accused is found to be suffering from a venereal disease in an infectious stage, he or she shall be required to submit to medical treatment therefor. If the accused is found guilty of the offense with which he or she is charged and is placed on probation, a condition of probation shall be that the offender submit to and faithfully follow a course of medical treatment for such venereal disease.
   (c)    The fact that the accused was given a medical examination for venereal disease or the results of such examination shall not be admitted in evidence over the objection of the accused, in a prosecution for any offense listed in subsection (a) hereof.
(Ord. 76-336. Passed 9-7-76.)