(a)    Except for guide dogs registered under Ohio R. C. 955.011 and dogs kept by an institution or organization for teaching and research purposes under Ohio R. C. 955.16, no person shall own, keep or harbor a dog more than three months of age without annually registering such dog with County Auditor. Failure of any dog at any time to wear a valid registration tag shall be prima facie evidence of lack registration and subject such dog to impounding and disposition as provided by Ohio R. C. 955.16.
   (b)    Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor, unless failure to register by the owner, keeper, harborer was done recklessly, than a violation shall be a misdemeanor of the first degree.
   (c)   Any owner, keeper, or harborer, of a non-registered dog shall be strictly liable to pay or indemnify any person who has suffered injury or damage to themselves or their property, as a result of a reckless non-registered dog attack, whether the attach occurs on or off the premises of the owner, keeper, harborer. For purposes of this Section reckless shall have the same meaning as Ohio Revised Code 2901.22. The Mansfield Municipal Court shall have the authority to issue an order of payment or indemnification or restitution, including but not limited to, veterinarian or medical expenses. The amount of the payment or indemnification or restitution shall be twice the amount of the value of the injured or killed dog and/or any medical or veterinarian bills, but not to exceed the monetary jurisdiction of the Mansfield Municipal Court. The authority of the Mansfield Municipal Court shall not deprive the victim of any other civil remedy under law.
(Ord. 17-214. Passed 12-19-17.)