General Provisions
   31.00   Police Department established
   31.01   Execution of ordinances by police
   31.02   Enforcement of laws by Chief
   31.03   Chief and deputy chiefs to serve full time
   31.04   Chief's obedience to Mayor and Aldermen
   31.05   Chief to receive complaints
   31.06   Prosecution of offenders by Chief
   31.07   Court Clerk to furnish forms
   31.08   Chief to preserve peace
   31.09   Chief's duties at fires
   31.10   Authority to enter buildings for suppressing disturbances
   31.11   Copies of reports and records by police
   31.12   Disposition of fines and forfeitures
   31.13   Disposition of money received by Chief
   31.14   Deputy chiefs to deliver money to Chief
   31.15   Chief to designate Halloween
Stolen, Lost, or Abandoned Property
   31.30   Delivery to Chief of Police
   31.31   Property taken from accused persons
   31.32   Disposition when property unclaimed
   31.33   Perishable or bulky property
   31.34   Disposition of weapons, and the like
Statutory reference:
   Authority of city to regulate police, see R.S.A 47:17(II)
   Police officers, see R.S.A. Ch. 105