93.01   Purpose
   93.02   Definitions
   93.03   Permit required; application; fee
   93.04   Alarm systems in apartment complexes
   93.05   Permit duration; renewal
   93.06   Property alarm systems operation and maintenance
   93.07   Retention of alarm company; approval of chief of police required
   93.08   Indirect alarm reporting
   93.09   Direct alarm reporting
   93.10   Automatic telephone dialing alarm systems prohibited
   93.11   Alarm system operating instructions
   93.12   Alarm dispatch records
   93.13   System performance reviews
   93.14   False alarm notification
   93.15   Revocation or loss of alarm permit
   93.16   Appeal from denial or revocation
   93.17   Reinstatement of permit
   93.18   Protection of certain businesses
   93.19   Liability of city limited