(A)   A permit holder or person in control of an alarm system shall:
      (1)   Maintain the premises and the alarm system in a manner that will minimize or eliminate false alarm notifications.
      (2)   Respond or cause his representative to appear at the systems location within a reasonable period of time when notified by the city to deactivate a malfunctioning alarm system, to provide access to the premises, or to provide security for the premises.
      (3)   Not manually activate an alarm for any reason other than an occurrence of an event that the alarm system was intended to report.
   (B)   All alarm systems will have an automatic reset which silences the annunciator within 15 minutes after activation and which will not sound again as a result of the same event that resulted in the original activation.
   (C)   Every permit holder shall be required to have its alarm system inspected at least once each year by an alarm company and to post a certificate of such inspection on the premises where the alarm system is maintained. The certificate shall state, in the opinion of the alarm company, the alarm system complies with the applicable installation standards and is safe and reliable. The certificate will further indicate the date of the inspection and the typed name and signature of the inspector. Each permit will expire on June 30 of each year.
(Ord. passed 6-27-94) Penalty, see § 10.99