In General
   70.01   Committee on Traffic and Public Safety established; purpose
   70.02   Membership; terms of office
   70.03   Authority
   70.04   Publication and effective date
   70.05   Availability of rules and regulations
   70.06   Definitions
   70.07   Departmental authority and responsibility
   70.08   Alcohol prohibited in vehicle
   70.09   Waiver of registration fee
   70.10   Emergency vehicle exemption
   70.11   Signs required
   70.12   Soliciting rides
Vehicle Operation
   70.15   Through streets
   70.16   One-way streets
   70.17   Authorized processions
   70.18   Limitations on turning around
   70.19   Emerging from alley or private driveway
   70.20   Driving prohibited on sidewalks and in safety zones
   70.21   Failure to stop for crossing guard prohibited
   70.22   Boarding or alighting from vehicles
   70.23   Unlawful riding
   70.24   Roller skates and similar devices
   70.25   Persons propelling push carts or riding bicycles or animals to obey traffic regulations
   70.26   Unattended motor vehicles
   70.27   Discharging fireworks
   70.28   Commercial motor vehicular and truck traffic prohibited during certain hours
   70.29   Crossing fire hose
   70.30   Traffic congested Elm Street
   70.31   Speed in service alley
   70.32    [Reserved]
Stopping, Standing and Parking
   70.36   Stopping, standing, or parking prohibited
   70.37   Manner of stopping, standing or parking
   70.38   Bus stops and taxicab stands
   70.39   Parking for sale or to display advertising
   70.40   Towing
Parking Operations
   70.44   Division established
   70.45   Duties of parking management and operations
   70.46   Administration
   70.47   Authorizing installation of parking meters and maintenance thereof
   70.48   Denomination of coin to be deposited and time allotted therefor
   70.49   Depositing of additional coins to extend maximum parking time prohibited
   70.50   Signal display required
   70.51   Tampering, etc. prohibited
   70.52   Required coin deposit levied as inspection fee
   70.53   Loading zone limitation
   70.54   Permit parking in lieu of coin deposit and parking districts
   70.55   Residential permit parking
   70.56   Police to attach notice of violation on vehicle
   70.57   Parking rates
Snow Removal
   70.61   [Reserved]
   70.62   [Reserved]
   70.63   [Reserved]
   70.64   [Reserved]
   70.65   [Reserved]
Vehicle Impoundment
   70.70   Impoundment of vehicles
   70.71   Removal, impounding and return of vehicle
Responsibility, Notice and Penalties
   70.76   Prima facie responsibility
   70.77   Violation notice
   70.78   Basic penalty
   70.79   Increased penalties
   70.80   Penalty imposed for commercial vehicle and trucking violations
   70.81   Penalty for other violations
   70.82   Immobilization of motor vehicles for non-payment of parking fines
   Traffic rules in parks, see § 96.07
   Peddling from a motor vehicle; application of traffic regulations, see § 115.43
Statutory reference:
   Authority of city to regulate use of motor  vehicles, R.S.A. 47:17(VIII)
   Motor vehicles, see R.S.A. Chs. 259—269