§ 96.07  TRAFFIC.
   No person in a park shall do any of the following:
   (A)   Fail to obey state motor vehicle laws. Fail to comply with all applicable provisions of the state motor vehicle traffic laws in regard to equipment and operation of vehicles together with such regulations as are contained in this section and other ordinances.
   (B)   Fail to obey traffic enforcement officers. Fail to obey all traffic officers and park employees, such persons being hereby authorized and instructed to direct traffic whenever and wherever needed in the parks and on the highways, streets, or roads immediately adjacent thereto in accordance with the provisions of these regulations and such supplementary regulations as may be issued subsequently by the Public Works Director, or his or her designee.
   (C)   Fail to obey traffic signs. Fail to observe carefully all traffic signs indicating speed, direction, caution, stopping, or parking, and all others posted for proper control and to safeguard life and property.
   (D)   Exceed speed limits. Ride or drive a vehicle at a rate of speed exceeding the statutory speed limit as determined by the state as it may be changed and posted by ordinance of the city.
   (E)   Operate a vehicle in unauthorized areas. Drive any vehicle, including but not limited to motor vehicles, motorcycles, mini-bikes, or motorized go-carts, on any area except the paved park roads or parking areas, or such other areas as may on occasion be specifically designated as temporary parking areas by the Public Works Director, or his or her designee, provided the vehicles are registered and authorized to be operated as motor vehicles.
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   Traffic code, see Title VII