(A)   No person or entity may hereafter occupy, allow to be occupied or rent, lease, let or sub-let a rental unit, to another person or entity for occupancy unless that rental unit is registered for occupancy pursuant to a valid and current rental unit registration issued by the Mahnomen City Administrator.
   (B)   Each rental unit must have an owner, or local property manager designated by the owner, who resides within 60 miles of the city.
   (C)   Any person or entity desiring to rent, let, lease or sub-let any rental unit shall apply for registration by using forms furnished by the city for that purpose. The forms must provide information required by the City Administrator, including the following:
      (1)   Name, address, phone number (and fax number, if owner has one) of the property owner.
      (2)   Name, address, phone number (and fax number, if manager has one) of a designated local property manager.
      (3)   The street address of the rental property.
      (4)   The number and types of units within the rental property (dwelling units or sleeping rooms).
      (5)   The name, phone number, fax number and address of the person, who resides within the corporate limits of the city and may be authorized to make, or order, repairs or services for the property if in violation of city or state codes, if the person is different than the owner or local property manager and said owner or local property manager does not reside within the corporate limits of the city.
(Ord. 4-2018, passed 3-28-2018)