Dwelling Maintenance Code
   150.01   Definitions
   150.02   Inspection of dwelling, dwelling units, rooming units and premises
   150.03   Enforcement
   150.04   Minimum standards for basic equipment and facilities
   150.05   Minimum standards for light, ventilation and heating
   150.06   General requirements relating to the safe and sanitary maintenance of parts of dwellings and dwelling units
   150.07   Minimum space, use and location requirements
   150.08   Responsibilities of owners and occupants
   150.09   Designation of unfit dwellings and legal procedure of condemnation
   150.10   Conflict of regulations
Rental Unit Registration
   150.30   Purpose and findings
   150.31   Definitions
   150.32   Registration requirements
   150.33   Exemptions
   150.34   Manner of registration and renewal
   150.35   Transfer of property
   150.36   Posting of registration
   150.37   Fees
   150.38   Maintenance of records
   150.39   Maintenance standards
   150.40   Inspections and investigations
   150.41   Responsibilities of owners and occupants
   150.42   Conduct on registered premises
   150.43   Failure to grant registration, revocation, suspension or failure to renew registration
   150.44   Summary action
   150.45   Applicable laws
   150.46   Violations; injunctive relief
   150.47   Written notices
Vacant Buildings Registration
   150.70   Definitions
   150.71   Securing vacant buildings
   150.72   Emergency securing of vacant buildings
   150.73   Collection of costs
   150.74   Registration of vacant buildings
   150.75   Continuing requirements of registered vacant buildings
   150.76   Vacant building registration fees
   150.77   Inspections
   150.78   Right of appeal
   150.99   Penalty