(A)   All revenues and monies derived from the operation of the sewer system shall be paid to and held by the Clerk-Treasurer separate and apart from all other funds of the city.  All of these sums and all other funds and monies incident to the operation of said system which are delivered to the Clerk- Treasurer, shall be deposited in a separate fund designated Sanitary Sewer Fund Account and such other accounts as may have been heretofore established by ordinance.  The Clerk-Treasurer shall administer this Fund in every respect in the manner provided by state law.
   (B)   The Clerk-Treasurer shall establish and maintain a proper system of accounts and shall keep proper records, books, and accounts in which complete and correct entries shall be made of all transactions relative to the sewer system.
(Ord. passed 8-5-55; Am. Ord. 1969-34, passed 11-18-69; Am. Ord. 1982-7, passed 7-6-82)