(A)    In the event two or more dwelling units, such as trailers, apartments, or housekeeping rooms, discharge sanitary waste, water, or other liquids into the city's sanitary sewage system, either directly or indirectly; are users of water; and the quantity of water is measured  by  a  single water meter, then billing shall be for a single service in the manner set out elsewhere herein, except that an additional charge shall be added thereto in the amount of $7.70 per month for each dwelling unit over one served through the single water meter.
   (B)   In the case of trailer parks, the number of dwelling units shall be computed and interpreted as the total number of trailers located and installed at said park, plus any other dwelling units served through the meter.
   (C)   "DWELLING UNIT" shall mean a room or rooms, or any other space or spaces, in which cooking facilities are provided.
('66 Code, §§ 51.02, 51.08)  (Ord. 1969-34, passed 1-18-69; Am. Ord. 1982-7, passed 7-6-82; Am. Ord. 2003-6, passed 5-20-03)