(A)   In the event a user is dissatisfied with enforcement or sampling procedure used by the city as it applies to his discharge to the sanitary sewer, except as such dissatisfaction relates to proceeding under this chapter, that user shall seek relief through the use of the following administrative procedures.  The procedure outlined herein is voluntary, and shall not act as a bar or condition precedent to city's use of any remedies provided herein.  So that problems or disputes may be resolved on the lowest practicable level, the procedures outlined below shall be followed in order;
   (B)   The user shall contact the city with his complaint or questions, and shall be referred to the appropriate department for initial screening.  Where the problem is routine in nature or requires only explanation, no further action will be taken.
   (C)   Where a user is not satisfied with the response given by the appropriate department, the complaint or question shall be sent in writing to the Superintendent for review.  The Superintendent so designated shall review the file and consult the user in an effort to resolve the problem.  If the matter can be resolved to the user's satisfaction at this level, no further action will be required.
   (D)   If the findings and actions by the Superintendent do not satisfy the user, the entire file, together with recommendations from the Superintendent, shall be given to the Board of Public Works and Safety, who, after review of the file and recommendations of the Superintendent, shall meet with the user and review the complaint.  Following the review of the file and discussion with the user, the Board of Trustees will make a final decision on the matter.
(Ord. 1984-35, passed 12-18-84)