(a)    Purpose. This District is established to provide for areas devoted exclusively to professional, administrative and management offices on parcels not considered appropriate for more intensive commercial uses, in order to: promote and foster the most desirable use of land in the City; provide employment opportunities; and protect adjacent residential areas by regulating the bulk and spacing of office uses, particularly at common boundaries with existing or likely residential areas.
   (b)    Permitted Uses. 
      (1)    Professional, administrative and business office uses which deliver professional tangible or intangible services or which are engaged in general administration, management, supervision, purchasing and accounting.
      (2)    Financial establishments.
   (c)    Conditionally Permitted Uses. The Planning Commission may issue Conditional Zoning Certificates for uses listed herein subject to the general requirements of Chapters 1135, 1137, 1171 and 1173 as may be applicable.
      (1)    Club, lodge and fraternal organizations;
      (2)    Drive-in banks;
      (3)    Post office, police and fire stations, schools;
      (4)    Public utility rights-of-way and appurtenant structures;
      (5)    Funeral homes;
      (6)    Churches;
      (7)    Public or private schools;
      (8)    Long term care facilities, including nursing and convalescent homes;
      (9)    Restaurant, as part of an office building but which shall not exceed twenty-five percent (25%) of the gross floor area of the office building.
         (Ord. 70-1990. Passed 9-6-90.)
      (10)   Senior Citizen Residential Facilities, subject to the criteria and standards of Section 1167.07. (Ord. 112-1999. Passed 11-30-99.)
   (d)    Accessory Uses.
      (1)    Off-street parking, entrances and exits as regulated in Section 1171.11;
      (2)    Signs as regulated in Chapter 1179;
      (3)    Any accessory use which is incident to a permitted main use shall be permitted provided it is planned and developed integrally with the main building, and with adjacent buildings, and that it has no injurious effects on adjoining districts, except that retail and service uses shall be limited to not more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the ground floor of an office building.
   (e)   Setback Lines. The setback line for any building or structure erected shall be a minimum of sixty feet from any public right-of-way.
   (f)    Side and Rear Yards. Every building or structure intended for office use shall have a rear and side yard, each of which shall have a width of at least twenty-five feet from the rear and side lot lines. When adjacent to an R district, the width shall be ninety feet from the lot line adjacent to the R district. In addition, the building, and site arrangement shall comply with the requirements of Section 1171.11(e).
(Ord. 70-1990. Passed 9-6-90.)
   (g)    Height of Building.  No building shall be erected in the B-O Business Office District to a height in excess of four stories or in excess of forty-five feet measured from the natural grade at the building line to the highest point on the roof so long as such height does not substantially interfere with immediately adjacent parcels, otherwise, no building shall be erected in the B-O Business Office District to a height in excess of three stories or in excess of thirty-five feet measured from the natural grade at the building line to the highest point on the roof, excluding gables of no more than 10 feet in height, except that these provisions shall not apply to the height of a clock tower, wireless tower, chimney, stage tower, scenery loft or other mechanical appurtenances part of such building. The above such projections shall not exceed ten feet above roof peak. All such projections in excess of ten feet must be approved by the Planning Commission.
(Ord. 70-2017. Passed 9-14-17.)
   (h)   Storm Drainage. Drainage shall discharge into a common closed conduit which is to be located in the right-of-way of streets, alleys or easements. In no case shall the Planning Commission approve a storage drainage system which involves swales, roadside ditches, etc., as a means of conveying surface drainage from the sites.
   (i)    Planning Commission Review Procedures. All construction for permitted or conditional uses in the B-O District, whether new construction, expansion of existing or renovations to site conditions or characteristics, shall be submitted to and approved by the Planning Commission pursuant to Section 1137.05.
   (j)    Minimum Lot Size. The minimum lot area shall be one acre, and each lot shall be a minimum of 150 feet in width when measured at the setback line. The land area occupied by main and accessory buildings shall not exceed thirty percent (30%) of the total area of the parcel being developed. (Ord. 70-1990. Passed 9-6-90.)