1137.05 SITE PLANS.
   (a)    Purpose. The purpose of this section is to provide adequate review by the Planning Commission of proposed development in those zoning districts where the uses permitted are of such a nature because of their size, scale or effect on surrounding property, that review of specific plans is deemed necessary to protect the public health, safety and general welfare of the community.
   (b)    Application. In addition to submitting the plans and other data required by the Zoning Inspector, an applicant for a zoning permit in any district requiring site plan approval shall submit a plan of development to the Planning Commission as provided in subsection (c) hereof.
   (c)    Final Site Plan Requirements. No zoning permit, building permit, or certificate of occupancy shall be issued for the addition or construction or use of any building in such district except in accordance with a plan of development approved by the Planning Commission. Six copies of site plans must be submitted to the Zoning Inspector at least three weeks prior to the monthly Planning Commission meeting. Such site plans shall show the following;
      (1)    Location and height of existing and proposed buildings and structures;
      (2)    Accessory buildings and uses;
      (3)    Off-street parking and loading areas including lane and other pavement markings to direct and control parking and circulation and including the location of signs related to parking and traffic control;
      (4)    Adjacent streets;
      (5)    Adjacent property including buildings, parking and drives within 200 feet of the site;
      (6)    Arrangement of internal and in-out traffic movement including access roads and drives;
      (7)   Fences, walls, signs, lighting;
      (8)   Sanitary sewers, water and other utilities;
      (9)   Drainage provisions;
      (10)   Four elevations including a front, rear and two side elevations, together with additional views or cross sections, if necessary, to indicate completely the exterior appearance of the structure. All elevations shall be drawn to the same scale, which shall be not less than one-eighth of an inch to the foot, except that the front elevation may be drawn to a larger scale. Each elevation shall show the accurate location of windows, doors, shutters, chimneys, porches and other architectural features, all materials and finishes, an accurate finish grade line, existing topography and major vegetation features;
      (11)   Proposed grading, landscaping and screening plans;
      (12)   Dimensions of all buildings, setbacks, parking, drives and walkways;
      (13)   Other features necessary for the elevation of the development plan as deemed necessary by the Zoning Inspector or Planning Commission.
      All plans shall be drawn to scale and at the scale shown on the drawing. The site plans will be reviewed by the Zoning Inspector and submitted to the Planning Commission for review as outlined in this chapter.
   (d)   Planning Commission Consideration.
      (1)   The Commission shall consider the location of buildings, parking areas and other features with respect to the topography of the lot and existing natural features such as streams and large trees; the efficiency, adequacy and safety of the proposed layout of internal streets and driveways, the location of the green area provided, bearing in mind the possible effects of irregularly shaped lots; the adequacy of location, landscaping and screening of the parking lots; the development plan's compliance with the Architectural Design Standards found in Chapter 1172 of the Planning and Zoning Code; and such other matters as the Commission may find to have a material bearing upon the stated standards and objectives of the various District regulations.
      (2)   The City Architect shall review all proposals submitted for Site Plan Review and shall form an opinion as to whether the proposal complies with the Architectural Design Standards in Chapter 1172. The Architect's opinions and recommendations shall be submitted to the Planning Commission for their consideration. The City Architect's recommendation may include suggested modifications to the proposed plans so that, in the opinion of the City Architect, the proposal complies with the standards in Chapter 1172.
      (3)   The Commission shall determine if a proposed plan of development either meets or does not meet the regulations, standards and purposes of these regulations, and it shall approve or disapprove the plan and submit its findings in writing, to the applicant, within 120 days after having received the site plan. If no action has been taken by the Commission within such time, then such plan shall be deemed to have been disapproved; provided, however, that the applicant may waive this time limit and consent to the extension of such period.
      (4)   If Planning Commission finds:
         A.   That the proposed development substantially complies with all specific requirements and with the purposes, intent and basic objectives of the applicable development regulations and standards;
         B.   That through imaginative and skillful design in the arrangement of buildings, open space, streets, access drives and other architectural features, as disclosed by the application, the project shall result in a development of equivalent or higher quality than that which could be achieved through strict application of such standards and requirements; and
         C.   That the proposed development shall have no adverse impact upon the surrounding properties or upon the health, safety or general welfare of the community,
         then the Commission may act upon the proposed application as if in compliance with the standards and requirements set forth in this Code.
         (Ord. 13-1995. Passed 3-9-95.)
   (e)   Final Approval of Site Plan. A plan of development shall remain valid for a period of twenty-four months following the date of its approval. If at the end of that time, construction shall not have begun, then such plan of development shall be considered as having lapsed and shall be of no effect unless resubmitted to the Commission and reapproved. All construction and development under any building permit shall be in accordance with the approved site development plan. Any departure from such plan shall be cause for revocation of a zoning permit. Any changes in an approved plan shall be resubmitted for approval in accordance with this subsection. Construction will be deemed to have begun when all necessary excavation and piers or footings of one or more principal buildings included in the development plan shall have been completed.
   (f)   Preliminary Plans. The applicant may meet informally with the Planning Commission to review preliminary plans prior to preparing final plans pursuant to subsection (c) hereof. Preliminary plans should be submitted to the Zoning Inspector ten days prior to the next Planning Commission meeting to be scheduled on its agenda for the next Planning Commission meeting. (Ord. 30-1982. Passed 6-10-82.)