Weapons and Explosives
549.01   Definitions.
549.02   Carrying concealed weapons.
549.03   Using weapons while intoxicated.
549.04   Improperly handling firearm in a motor vehicle.
549.05   Failure to secure dangerous ordnance.
549.06   Unlawful transactions in weapons.
549.09   Fireworks display permits.
549.07   Underage purchase of firearm.
549.08   Fireworks sale or discharge.
549.10   Regulating discharge of firearms.
549.11   Throwing or shooting missiles.
549.12   Possessing replica firearm in school.
549.13   Defacing identification marks of a firearm; possessing a defaced firearm.
549.14 Concealed handgun licenses; possession of revoked or suspended license; additional restrictions; posting signs prohibiting possession.
549.99   Penalty.
   See sectional histories for similar State law
   License or permit to possess dangerous ordnance - see Ohio R.C. 2923.18
   Hunting prohibited - see GEN. OFF. 505.11
   Reporting gunshot and stab wounds - see GEN. OFF. 525.05(b)
   Property destruction by tear gas device, etc. - see GEN. OFF. 541.04