A.   Purpose: The purpose of this section is to regulate commercial wind energy conversion systems (WECS) to protect the public health, safety and welfare while encouraging the development of wind energy within Lyon County.
   B.   Acknowledgment/Approval: Written acknowledgment and general approval from the property owner as well as the public utility whose transmission lines to which the commercial WECS is proposed to connect into must be included in all commercial WECS applications.
   C.   Siting Requirements:
      1.   Parcel Size: A minimum parcel size of ten (10) acres net is required. No part of the commercial WECS shall be located within or over drainage, utility or other established easements.
      2.   Setback: Each wind machine must be set back a minimum of two (2) times the total extended height from any property line, railroad, trail easement, aboveground utility lines or public roads.
      3.   Comstock Historic District: In addition to all other requirements, all proposed commercial WECS located within the Comstock Historic District, as established by the Comstock Historical Commission pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes chapter 384, shall receive a review, approval and a certificate of appropriateness from the Comstock Historic District Commission prior to submitting an application for a special use permit.
      4.   Height: Unless otherwise approved the total extended height of the wind machine shall not exceed two hundred feet (200'). The system must be in compliance with FAA regulations regarding height and lighting.
      5.   Minimum Standards: Remaining standards regarding such things as access, noise, design and installation, etc., shall meet or exceed those of private wind energy systems (see subsection 15.335.03FFF of this title). However, conditions placed on the special use permit may be more restrictive than the minimum standards provided in this chapter.
      6.   Building Permit: A permit from the County Building Department is required to install an alternative energy system in Lyon County. In evaluating whether to approve a building permit, the building official may request and consider:
         a.   Supporting technical data,
         b.   Test reports, and
         c.   Appropriate documentation from approved sources.
      7.   Variance: Deviations from the standards established by this chapter shall require a variance in accordance with chapter 203 of this title. (Ord. 603, 11-1-2018)