A.   Investigation: The department may notify the County Sheriff who may investigate possible violations of this chapter, and, if deemed appropriate, may issue a citation or initiate a complaint to the District Attorney's Office.
   B.   Prima Facie Evidence: Any sign or advertisement which is exhibited or published indicating that any business is engaged in enterprise shall be prima facie evidence that such business is engaged in enterprise for which a license is required.
   C.   Enforcement:
      1.   Violations of the provisions of this chapter may be punishable as a misdemeanor as provided in section 1.04.01 of this Code;
      2.   A show cause hearing may be held before the Board for a determination of revocation of the business license; and/or
      3.   The County may initiate a civil action, as provided by law, including a civil injunction and the recovery of money damages. (Ord. 594, 10-19-2017, eff. 11-1-2017)