A.   Fees: Any business applying for or operating under a standard business license must pay the following fees, unless otherwise enumerated in this chapter:
      1.   Application Fee: A fee set by the Board shall accompany the application for the purpose of processing the license, including inspection and investigation costs.
         a.   This fee is nonrefundable.
         b.   If the applicant has met all the requirements of this chapter and his application is approved, this application fee shall be applied toward the payment of the basic license fee for the first year of the business.
      2.   Basic License Fee: Each business licensee shall pay a basic license fee based on the number of employees the business has working for them. Fees will be set by the Board of Lyon County Commissioners in the fee resolution.
   B.   Notice Of When Fees Are Due: During the month of June of each year the department shall notify by mail all business licensees of the date upon which their business license fee shall become due and the amount of the fee due for the following year. This shall be the businesses' sole notification of when fees are due. It is the businesses' responsibility to make all appropriate payments. Failure to receive notice from the department is not a defense or excuse for non-payment of the license fee.
   C.   Penalties For Late Payment: All business license fees due under this chapter shall be considered delinquent if not paid in full on or before the fifteenth day following the due date. A penalty of fifteen percent (15%) of the payment shall be added to all payments received by the department after the fees have become delinquent.
   D.   Modified Fees: Any fees set forth in section 5.01.04 or 5.01.05 of this chapter may be modified and incorporated herein by a resolution of the Board. (Ord. 594, 10-19-2017, eff. 11-1-2017)