§ 50.99 PENALTY.
   (A)   Whoever violates any provision of this chapter for which no specific penalty is otherwise provided, shall be subject to the provisions of § 10.99.
   (B)   Any person, corporation or firm violating any provision of § 50.04, upon conviction thereof shall be guilty of a violation and fined not less than $10 nor more than $250 per violation. In addition, any person found in the act of removing recyclable material(s) in violation of § 50.04 shall be subject to confiscation of all recyclable materials in the possession of that person. Each instance of violation is construed a separate offense.
(Ord. 830.2-1991, passed 12-9-91)
   (C)   Any person, firm or corporation violating the terms of § 50.05 shall, upon conviction, be fined not less than $50 nor more than $500 for each offense and each collection container so collected in violation of § 50.05 shall be deemed a separate offense for which a separate fine may be levied.
   (D)   Any person who shall violate any provision of § 50.06 shall be fined $10 per occurrence.
(Ord. 2-25-02, passed 3-25-02; Am. Ord. 4-23-18A, passed 5-21-18)