(A)   Recyclable materials placed at a designated site, or edge of a public street or dedicated right-of-way, in a specially designated container, for the purpose of collecting newsprint, glass, aluminum containers, bi-metal containers, plastic milk jugs, and plastic two liter bottles, and such other materials as may be hereafter designated by the city as recyclable materials, will be collected by the authorized agent of the city.
   (B)   Placing recyclable materials in the designated container, in the specified location shall be deemed to vest title to the materials in the city. Non-recyclable materials will not be collected and will not become the property of the city.
   (C)   No person shall remove, burn, overturn or tamper with any recyclable materials from the designated container, or remove the container itself, without the consent of the Mayor or the member of the City Council who has been designated to oversee the Recycling Program.
(Ord. 830.2-1991, passed 12-9-91) Penalty, see § 50.99