(PUD) Planned Unit Development Overlay District
1183.01   Purpose.
1183.02   General requirements.
1183.03   Uses permitted.
1183.04   Development standards.
1183.05   General PUD approval procedure.
1183.06   Preliminary sketch and development plan submission.
1183.07   Preliminary plan review.
1183.08   Criteria for approval of a preliminary development plan.
1183.09   Effect of approval of the preliminary development plan.
1183.10   Final plan.
1183.11   Final plan approval and rezoning approval procedure.
1183.12   Criteria for approval of final plan.
1183.13   Approval of final plat.
1183.14   Changes to approved plan.
1183.15   Expiration and extension of approval period.
Boundaries of districts - see P. & Z. Ch. 1163