460.01   Temporary parking prohibitions.
460.02   Parking outside of marked spaces prohibited.
460.03   Overnight parking prohibited.
460.04   Diagonal parking permitted on certain streets.
460.05   Restrictions on diagonal parking.
460.06   Parking prohibited at all times at certain locations.
460.07   Parking prohibited in certain locations at certain hours.
460.08   Handicapped parking spaces.
460.09   Restrictions on vehicles permitted to be parked in Residential Districts.
460.10   Parking of vehicles with projecting loads prohibited.
460.11   Parking of abandoned vehicles prohibited.
460.12   Parking of commercial vehicles prohibited during certain times in Business Districts.
460.13   Parking of boats and house trailers prohibited.
460.14   Trailers as residences; parking of trailers on streets and private property prohibited; exception.
460.99   Penalty.
   Moving stopped or parked vehicles - see Vehicle Code § 3333
   Stopping, standing and parking - see Vehicle Code §§ 3351 et seq.
   Unattended motor vehicles - see Vehicle Code § 3701
   Parking of commercial and heavy vehicles - see TRAF. 450.03
   Parking of abandoned, wrecked, junked or stripped automobiles on private property - see GEN. OFF. 674.01