Public Ways
430.01   Stop intersections established.
430.02   One-way streets established.
430.03   Through streets established.
430.04   Repairing motor vehicles on public ways.
430.05   Deposit of oils on public ways.
430.06   Changing motor vehicle oils on public ways.
430.07   Lifting of motor vehicles on public ways.
430.08   Skateboards, all-terrain vehicles and motorized go-carts on public ways.
430.99   Penalty.
   Traffic control devices - see Vehicle Code §§ 3111 et seq.
   Power to prohibit or regulate use of designated streets - see Vehicle Code § 6109(a)(13)
   Power to regulate and temporarily prohibit traffic on streets closed or restricted for construction, maintenance or special events - see Vehicle Code § 6109(a)(15)
   Power to regulate persons upon skates, coasters, sleds or other toy vehicles - see Vehicle Code § 6109(a)(19)