(a)   The City Council does hereby establish a Citizens Advisory Committee for street improvements.
   (b)   Reporting to Council, the Citizens Advisory Committee shall:
      (1)    Review past, existing, and proposed street improvement programs;
      (2)    Review the adequacy of the present sources of funding and identify new sources;
      (3)    Review the various methods and type of street repairs being utilized, including materials and procedures;
      (4)    Make recommendations as necessary regarding the present and proposed street improvement programs;
      (5)   Study and make recommendations on other special projects as may be referred to the Citizens Advisory Committee by City Council, reporting through an appropriate Committee to be identified by Council at the time of such referral.
   (c)   Committee membership shall be limited to residents of the City, and all members shall serve as volunteers without compensation.
(Res. 1989-71.  Passed 9-26-89;  Res. 1990-4. Passed 1-9-90.)