(A)   Districts explained. Existing roads that fail to meet the roadway width standards of Chapter 94, are predominantly located within four Transportation Benefit Districts created to prioritize transportation needs and manage capital roadway improvement projects.
   (B)   Designated roads. A list of designated roads shall be maintained at all times by the System Development Charge Administrator, and updated on an annual basis by the System Development Charge Oversight Committee.
   (C)   Review process.
      (1)   There shall be established a System Development Charge Oversight Committee, which shall be responsible for reviewing the classification of roads as designated or non-designated roads, and the calculation of charges on a bi-annual basis. The composition of the Oversight Committee shall be as follows:
         (a)   System Development Charge Administrator;
         (b)   Director, or designee, of the Department of Planning and Design Services;
         (c)   Director, or designee, of the Department of Public Works;
         (d)   A representative of the Home Builders Association of Louisville selected by that organization;
         (e)   A representative of the Louisville Apartment Association selected by that organization;
         (f)   An individual selected by Greater Louisville, Inc.;
         (g)   A neighborhood representative selected by the Planning Committee of the Louisville Metro Planning Commission; and
         (h)   A representative of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet selected by that organization.
      (2)   The aforementioned bi-annual review will be completed in February and July of each year.
      (3)   Upon completion of the annual review, the Oversight Committee will issue a report of its findings, which shall be made available to the public.
   (D)   The Appendix hereto contains a map and list of designated roads in each Transportation Benefit District, which roads shall be improved under the terms of this chapter. The System Development Charge Oversight Committee may determine the priority and scheduling of the improvements to the designated roads set forth in the Appendix, may add to the list of designated roads if additional funds are available for improvements, but in no case may the Oversight Committee un-designate any of the designated roads listed in the Appendix.
(Lou. Metro Ord. No. 66-2006, approved 4-17-2006; Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 247-2007, approved 11-12-2007)