(A)   Reemployment eligibility lists contain the names of former regular covered employees who resigned in good standing, requested to be placed on the reemployment eligibility list, and are approved by the department director and Director of Human Resources, or designee, as eligible to be reemployed without examination, in positions assigned to the same classification as employee last held prior to separation.
   (B)   The names of former regular employees shall be placed on this list in the order their request for placement on the list was received.
   (C)   Reemployment eligibility lists shall have a continuous life with the name of each eligible remaining on the list for a period of one year from the date of separation.
   (D)   In order to be placed on a reemployment eligibility list, a former employee must apply for placement on the list within one year of separation from the service. Requests for inclusion on the list must be submitted in writing to the department director and approved by the department director and the Director of Human Resources, or designee.
   (E)   For the purpose of certification under § 34.111, reemployment eligibility lists shall be regarded as competitive.
(1994 Jeff. Code, § 34.098) (Jeff. Ord. 8-1986, adopted and effective 6-24-1986; Merit Board rules revised 5-14-1992; Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 245-2007, approved 11-12-2007)