(A)   The Director of Human Resources, or designee, shall be responsible for overseeing the administration, integrity and security of all examinations, and shall be empowered to employ the services of a professional in the testing field who may formulate, give and grade the examinations and who may otherwise be designated Examination Supervisor.
   (B)   The Director of Human Resources, or designee, shall be responsible for reporting the results of all examinations to the Board. Such reporting shall be at the next regular meeting of the Board and may be after the creation and certification of an eligibility list.
   (C)   No applicant shall be allowed to take an examination other than at the time and place designated for such in advance unless there are conditions which, in the opinion of the Director Human Resources, or designee, justify otherwise.
   (D)   Except as provided in § 34.079(C), all examination materials shall be regarded as privileged and confidential and not available for public inspection. Any covered employee of the Board or Board member who engages in an activity which destroys the integrity, confidentiality, or security of the examination process shall be subject to immediate dismissal or removal, and, if warranted, prosecution.
(1994 Jeff. Code, § 34.078) (Jeff. Ord. 8-1986, adopted and effective 6-24-1986; Merit Board rules revised 5-14-1992; Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 245-2007, approved 11-12-2007)