(A)   Waiver. Upon approval by the Director of Human Resources, or designee, promotional examinations may be waived by the department director in the event there are less than five qualified applicants. Such a waiver shall not be granted until after the application period for the position has closed.
   (B)   Notice. Notice of promotional examination shall be posted at least ten days before the promotional examination is administered.
   (C)   Results. The Director of Human Resources, or designee, or Examination Supervisor shall be responsible for the compilation of the grades of all candidates, based upon established percentages. Upon written request, candidates may examine their own scoring cards or sheets and exams at Human Resources during hours established for that purpose by the Director of Human Resources, or designee.
(1994 Jeff. Code, § 34.079) (Jeff. Ord. 8-1986, adopted and effective 6-24-1986; Merit Board rules revised 5-14-1992; Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 245-2007, approved 11-12-2007)