TABLE 10 - Easements
Ord. No.   Date   Description
258      6-18-34   Granted by Penn. R.R. Co. for construction of water lines.
285      5-18-36   To Newsome Feed and Grain Co. to construct switch line over West Main St. and part of outlot 50.
417      9-6-43      To Colonial Foundry Co. to construct railroad siding across North St.
1183      1-19-59   Authorizes conveyance of storm sewer easements on Lots 1505, 1506 and 1507 in exchange for easement through lots 1505, 1506 and 1507.
1488      8-27-62   For erecting and constructing a pumping station on City property.
Res. 2034   3-31-69   Accepts sewer and water easement from Otto and Hazel Mincmer, parts of Parkview Allotment 3 and 4.
2050      7-7-69      Agreement with Ashland Oil and Refining Co. for relocation of sanitary and storm sewer line, Lots 156, 157, 158, 159, 160, 161, 162 and 2199.
72-10      2-7-72      From Milo A. and Martha J. Schluneker for part of outlot 234 for sewer lines.
72-11      2-7-72      From Orland D. and Magdalena L. Miller and Russell L. and Patricia J. Miller for part of outlot 235 for sewer lines.
73-139      11-19-73   From Louis and Charles A. Kuntz, Jr. for sewer, south side of Lot 2457 and part of Lot 2143.
74-98      10-21-74   To Jones and Laughlin Steel Corp. for low pressure gas line on and across Michigan Ave. and West Main St.
76-116      10-18-76   From Richard J. Baier and Helen R. Baier for part of outlot 247.
78-010      3-20-78   From Walter Maumer and Russell Phillips in Aquinas Allotment No. 5.
89-21      5-18-89   Authorizes acceptance/execution of easement from Robert Cinson to relocate a fire hydrant.
90-16      3-19-90   Authorizes purchase of permanent easement for drainage ditch at 1451 E. Broad St.
90-17      3-19-90   Authorizes purchase of permanent easement for drainage ditch at 1440 E. Broad St.
92-25      5-18-92   Authorizes dedication of easement to Ohio Power for lighting at Constitution Park.
92-48      11-16-92   Authorizing City Manager to acquire a waterline easement from J&L Specialty Products for the J&L Waterline Project.
92-51      11-16-92   Authorizing City Manager to release the easement on outlot 121 and on part of the southeast quarter of Sec. 21 and the southwest quarter of Sec. 22 in Nimishillen Twp.
Res. 93-33   6-7-93      Authorizes acceptance of storm sewer easement from School Board for South Nickelplate Relief Storm Sewer Project.
94-53      10-17-94   Authorizing grant of two easements to ODOT for the SR 153 bridge replacement project.
95-10      4-17-95   Authorizes purchase of permanent highway and drainage easements for North Chapel St. project.
95-27      10-2-95   Authorizes purchase of waterline easements for East End Water Loop and Replacement Project.
95-37      10-16-95   Authorizes acquisition of waterline easement for looping of waterline in Frana-Clara bridge vicinity.
96-02      2-5-96      Authorizes acquiring waterline easement from Chelcon Development Corp. to complete East End Water Loop and Replacement Project.
96-22      4-15-96   Authorizes accepting storm sewer easement from J. Davis.
98-26      6-1-98      Authorizes execution of r-o-w from City to MB Operating Co., Inc. through Section 29, Constitution Twp., Stark County.
98-35      7-6-98      Accepts sanitary sewer easement from Midlake Products for sanitary sewer and lift station installation.
99-51      6-21-99   Authorizes acquiring storm sewer easement from D. and S.A. Geitgey for Broad Monter Storm Sewer Project.
99-54      7-19-99   Authorizes purchase of waterline easement from G. and J.L. Powell for Reno Drive Water Main Project.
00-72   1-17-01   Authorizes acquisition of stormwater and drainage easement from KAMP Associated Enterprises for completion of Williamsburg Village No. 2 subdivision.
01-06   2-5-01   Authorizes the acquisition of a drainage easement from John and Charles Mann for the completion of the Eagle’s Wing/Nest subdivision.
02-14   5-20-02   Authorizes easement for Dominion/East Ohio Gas Co. along east side of S. Nickelplate across from the YMCA.
02-19   6-17-02   Authorizes approving sanitary sewer easement on Out Lot 206 for Louisville School District to construct roadway.
04-19   5-17-04   Authorizes purchase of waterline easement for East Wellfield Waterline Project.
04-58   1-3-04   Authorizes release of drainage easements on Lots 3436 and 3437 in Kenyon Crest #2 development.
05-49   10-17-05   Authorizes obtaining utility easements from H-P Products for water distribution to properties adjacent to proposed easement corridor.
10-69   12-6-10   Authorizes the assignment of a gas line existing easement to East Ohio/Dominion.