The Residential Building Code of Ohio for One, Two, and Three-family Dwellings, Ohio Administrative Code Section 4101:8, as promulgated by the Ohio Board of Building Standards, shall apply and be enforced within the City of Louisville except that the plumbing inspections will be performed by the Stark County Board of Health.
(Ord. 06-19.  Passed 6-5-06.)
   (a)   Whenever a conflict arises between any of the provisions of this chapter, the Building Inspector shall determine which provision shall govern.
   (b)   Provisions of this chapter are offered as minimum building specifications and requirements, and are not meant to restrict the use of any methods or materials which exceed those presented here.
   (c)   Rough and finished grading shall be brought to levels shown on drawings.  Finished grade shall be sloped to drain water away from the building.  Catch basins or properly connected under-drains shall be installed, or other approved provisions made where water may pocket to preclude the accumulation of surface water.  Regrading  shall be done so that existing natural ground drainage of the surrounding area shall not be impeded.  Downspout and sump pump water shall be connected to the City storm sewer whenever available.
   (d)   The exterior of all residential dwellings shall be finished with a brick or stone band that starts at finish grade and extends to the top of the foundation.  The band shall be a minimum of eight inches and bear on a masonry foundation that extends to the frost line and rests on a concrete block or poured footer setting on solid or undisturbed soil.  Concrete block or poured concrete shall not be exposed on the exterior of the foundation.
      (Ord. 92-19.  Passed 5-4-92.)