1084.15   APPEALS.
   An applicant or a permittee may appeal the denial of a permit, a suspension or revocation, a notice of violation, a compliance order, or a required corrective action to the Director. Appeals must be made in writing with supporting justification for the appeal within thirty days after the decision (which is the subject of the appeal) has been rendered by the Director. Within thirty days of the receipt of the appeal, the Director will notify the appellant, in writing by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, as to the Director's final determination. If the appellant disagrees with the Director's final determination, that person or business may appeal, in writing, within thirty days of receipt of the final determination, directly to the County Administrator. The County Administrator, or his or her designee, shall render a decision as to the appeal and notify both the appellant and the Director, in writing, within thirty days of receipt of the request for appeal. All administrative appeals must be made in writing and shall include justification for the appeal and any supporting documents. Failure to appeal within the period specified herein will constitute a waiver of any administrative or judicial remedies.
(Ord. 02-09. Passed 5-20-02.)