(a)   Notices of Violation. If the Director determines that a person has failed to comply with any of the provisions of this chapter, the Director shall immediately serve or have served upon the person, by hand delivery or by registered or certified mail, to the address indicated in County records a notice of violation. Such notice shall set forth specifically the corrective action needed to be taken by such person to come into compliance with this chapter and shall specify the time frame within which such corrective action shall be completed. If the person fails to comply within the time specified, such person shall be subject to any enforcement action and penalties as authorized in this
   (b)   Compliance Orders. Whenever the Director determines that any permit holder is not in compliance with the permit, or that the permit holder is in violation of this chapter or any applicable County regulation, the Director may issue an order requiring immediate compliance or compliance within a specified time period.
   (c)   Suspension or Revocation of Permits. The Director may suspend or revoke a permit or deny issuance of a new permit in order to enforce the provisions of this chapter or protect the public health or environment. Once the Director has issued a suspension or revocation, the permittee will immediately stop operation and take appropriate corrective actions and shall not reinitiate collection or recycling services until the Director reinstates the permit in writing. The permit shall be reinstated upon completion of corrective actions as outlined by the Director.
(Ord. 02-09. Passed 5-20-02.)