1084.07   REPORTING.
   (a)   Required. Each permitted collector shall submit quarterly collection reports to the Director on a form provided by the Director. Collection reports shall be submitted on a quarterly basis for the periods from October through December; January through March; April through June; and July through September, by no later than January 31; April 30; July 31; and October 31, for the preceding quarter. Submission of the quarterly collection report shall be part of the requirement for maintaining a permit in good standing. Failure to submit any quarterly collection report in accordance with this section shall be considered a violation of permit requirements and shall result in enforcement actions and penalties as authorized by this chapter.
   (b)   Collection Report Information. The quarterly collection report shall include information pertaining to the solid waste and recyclable material collected in Loudoun County by the permitted collector for the specified period of time. A report shall be certified and signed by a responsible company official. All measurements included in any report shall be based on the weight of each type of solid waste or recyclable material reported, provided that where such measurements cannot be accurately determined, the measurement shall be based on carefully estimated data. Where estimates are submitted, such estimates shall contain sufficient detail to reasonably describe how the estimate was prepared. The report shall contain, at a minimum, the following information:
      (1)   Name and address of the reporting collector;
      (2)   Period of time covered by the report;
      (3)   Number of customers provided solid waste collection services;
      (4)   Type of solid waste collected (municipal solid waste, arboreal/debris waste, construction/demolition waste);
      (5)   Source of solid waste collected (household, commercial, institutional);
      (6)   Amount (weight in tons) of solid waste collected;
      (7)   Amount (weight in tons) of solid waste disposed;
      (8)   Number of customers provided recycling services;
      (9)   Type of recyclable material collected (commingled, glass, plastic, aluminum, newspaper, cardboard, paper, metal, yard waste);
      (10)   Source of recyclable material collected (household, commercial, institutional);
      (11)   Amount (weight in tons) of recyclable material collected;
      (12)   Amount (weight in tons) of recyclable material recycled or diverted and location of recycling facility or diversion location;
      (13)   Amount (weight in tons) of recyclable material disposed and location of disposal.
   (c)   Documentation. Supporting documentation used in the preparation of any quarterly collection report shall be retained for purposes of audit, inspection, and/or clarification of reported data by the Director for a period of four years following submissions of such report. Such documentation shall include, but not be limited to, weight or volume receipts received from solid waste management facilities and weight or volume receipts received from the marketing of collected materials at recycling or redemption centers. Such documentation shall be utilized by the Director to facilitate compliance with the requirements of Section 10.1-1411 of the Code of Virginia.
(Ord. 02-09. Passed 5-20-02.)