Department of Building and Development
   EDITOR'S NOTE: This chapter was previously titled Department of Technical Services. The County changed the name to Department of Building and Development. References throughout these Codified Ordinances to the Department of Technical Services, therefore, shall be interpreted to mean the Department of Building and Development.
   Regulation of keeping of animals and fowl - see Code of Va. § 3.1-796.94:1
   Land subdivision and development - see Code of Va. §§ 15.2-2240 et seq.
   Zoning - see Code of Va. §§ 15.2-2280 et seq.
   Uniform Statewide Building Code - see Code of Va. §§ 36-97 to 36-119; B. & H. Ch. 1410
   Certification of electrical and plumbing workers - see Code of Va. § 36-99.1