1066.05   INSPECTIONS.
   The Health Director may inspect the entire system of sewage treatment maintained at all premises in the County for the purpose of determining if such is being operated and maintained in a sanitary manner. Such inspection shall be done at reasonable times and, whenever practical, in the company of the owner or occupant of the premises. Repairs, and significant component replacements of existing onsite sewage treatment systems shall be permitted and inspected by the Health Director.
   In addition, the Health Director or his authorized agent shall make such inspections as may be deemed necessary during the construction of any sewage treatment system installed in the County to determine compliance with this chapter and State Board of Health regulations. No person shall use, allow to be used or cause to be used, any system until after the Health Department has inspected and approved the same in writing. No part of any system shall be covered until it is inspected and approved by the Health Department, and any such part which has been covered prior to inspection shall be uncovered for inspection upon order of the Health Director. In extraordinary circumstances, the Health Director may approve system installations when reasonable professional judgment indicates a revisit is not practical or feasible or an inspection has been conducted by an onsite soil evaluator or professional engineer. The inspection form shall indicate such waiver and the circumstances leading to the decision.
(Ord. 94-05. Passed 2-16-94; Ord. 17-03.  Passed 1-19-17.)