(a)   Installation License.  No person shall install, repair or contract to install or repair individual onsite sewage treatment systems or parts thereof without first obtaining an installation license therefor from the Health Department.
   The installation license is to be issued by the Health Department upon written application, payment of a license fee and presentation of a Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) installer’s license.
   (b)   Septic Tank Cleaner's License. No person shall engage in the business of cleaning septic tanks, settling tanks and/or vaults designed to hold or retain solids and/or liquids in conjunction with any sewage disposal system, by whatever name called, without first obtaining a septic tank cleaner's license from the Health Department. All pump-outs of sewage containment vessels for onsite sewage treatment systems, alternative discharging sewage systems, pump and haul tanks and vault privies shall be reported to the Health Department in a manner acceptable to the Health Director by the 15th of the month following the pump-out.
   The septic tank cleaner's license shall be issued by the Health Department upon written application and payment of a license fee, provided that the applicant gives evidence that he can comply with the following requirements.
         (1)   Equipment requirements.
            A.   The tank into which sewage is pumped or delivered and carried is to be fully watertight.
            B.   All inlets and outlets to such tanks shall be fully enclosed and provided with watertight valves.
            C.   Suction and discharge hoses shall be watertight and provision shall be made for carrying such hoses in a manner that will prevent any spillage or leakage.
            D.   All exposed surfaces shall be painted and maintained in a clean and sanitary condition by frequent washings.
            E.   The name and address of the person owning or operating such equipment shall be affixed to the vehicle in letters at least four inches high so as to be visible from either side of the vehicle.
            F.   A copy of the septic tank cleaner's license shall be carried in the glove compartment of each vehicle operated.
         (2)   Disposal sites. Septage, sewage, grease or other material from septic or other sewage retention tanks may only be disposed of at receiving facilities approved by local wastewater authorities or the Health Department.
   (c)   Renewal of Licenses. All licenses are annual and shall be renewed between January 1 and January 15 of each year and are not proratable. A request for renewal is to be submitted to the Health Department in writing and is the responsibility of the license holder.
(Ord. 94-05. Passed 2-16-94; Ord. 17-03.  Passed 1-19-17.)