(a)   General. No person shall install, construct, alter, repair or extend, or allow to be installed, constructed, altered, repaired or extended, any onsite sewage treatment system in the County without first applying for and obtaining a valid permit therefor in the name of a specific person for a specific location. Permits  for installation, construction, alteration, repair or extension of onsite sewage treatment systems shall be issued by the Health Department.  In addition, no person shall change, renovate, alter or remodel any structure served by an onsite sewage treatment system unless and until such is done in accordance with a valid health permit or under written approval of the Health Department stating such will not cause damage to or exceedance of the onsite sewage treatment system design capacity.
   (b)   Application for Permit. Application shall be made on forms furnished by the Health Department and shall contain a clear description of the location and dimensions of the land or lot on which the sewage disposal system is to be installed, altered or repaired. The Health Director shall require such tests, plans and/or specifications as the Health Director deems necessary to determine the adequacy and desirability of the proposed system, and such information shall be made a part of the permit records.
   (c)   Approval or Denial of Permit. When the Health Director is satisfied that a proposed system is adequate for the conditions under which a system is to be installed and used, a written permit to proceed with construction shall be issued. Otherwise, a permit shall be denied in writing stating the specific reason for denial.
   (d)   Voidance of Permits.  Material changes in site conditions upon which a permit to install a sewage disposal and/or treatment system was based shall automatically void the permit.  No person shall proceed with construction until such time as further written approval has been obtained from the Health Department, in accordance with this chapter.  Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, permits may be voided should the Health Director later determine that a potential health hazard would be created by continuing installation.
   (e)   Building Permit.  No person shall be entitled to obtain a building permit in the County until such time as he has obtained a valid onsite sewage treatment system permit from the Health Department where such a permit is required to provide for adequate sewage disposal.
(Ord. 94-05.  Passed 2-16-94; Ord. 17-03.  Passed 1-19-17.)