(a)   In rural areas, address numbers on structures should be metal, reflective, if possible, and large enough (not less than three inches) to be seen, night and day, from a distance.
   (b)   Addresses on the structure shall be numerals (e.g. 15579).  Numbers shall not be spelled out (e.g. fifteen thousand five hundred seventy nine).
   (c)   Numbers shall contrast with the background.  Dark lettering over a light background provides the best visibility.
   (d)   Numbers shall be posted in an area not subject to coverage by vegetation (limbs, vines, etc.).  Posting areas shall be maintained regularly to ensure that numbers are visible.  Numbers shall be located so that they are visible from the driveway or access.
   (e)   Numbers shall be posted on individually addressed structures.  Should the numbers not be visible from the roadway, additional numbers shall be posted at all access points.
   (f)   Structures that are located more than 100 feet off the road shall have the address number located at the entrance to the named road, but separate from the mailboxes.
   (g)   If more than two structures are addressed on a road, each driveway shall be posted (with a directional arrow if needed) with its own address number.
(Ord. 92-01.  Passed 1-21-92.)