The Department shall provide the following addressing services:
   (a)   Maintenance and support of the Address Grid Map of Loudoun County.
   (b)   Maintenance, support and annual publication of the official Street Name Map of Loudoun County.
   (c)   Maintenance, support and weekly publication of updated premises address maps.
   (d)   Maintenance, support and monthly publication of updated block street network maps.
   (e)   Response to public inquiries for address confirmation.
   (f)   Make available copies of all street name/premises address maps as requested under appropriate fee schedules.
   (g)   Development and distribution of addresses of premises in accordance with this chapter.
   (h)   Whenever an address is developed and assigned, providing of official notification, including a premises address map, to the following:
         Loudoun County Department of Building and Development
         Loudoun County Department of Economic Development
         Loudoun County Sanitation Authority
         Loudoun County Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services (three) 
         Loudoun County Sheriff's Department
         Loudoun County Department of Financial Services
         Loudoun County School Board Administrative Office
         Voter Registrar of Loudoun County
         Postmaster (Two)
         Applicant (Two)
(Ord. 92-01.  Passed 1-21-92.)