Upon application by the developer of any planned development or subdivision, the Director may permit reasonable variations from the provisions of Section 1021.05 relating to the type, style and materials for sign posts and brackets to be installed and maintained within such development or subdivision, provided that the following apply:
   (a)   Such sign posts and brackets shall be uniform throughout such development or subdivision.
   (b)   No additional public expense shall be incurred beyond the cost of the standard sign posts and brackets as provided in Section 1021.05.
   (c)   The developer shall provide assurance satisfactory to the Director, by written agreement or otherwise, that:
      (1)   A reasonable supply of such sign posts and brackets and all required accessory hardware shall be provided in advance to the Department to enable the Department to make immediate repairs or replacements, when needed, at such time as the County becomes responsible for such repair or replacement; and
      (2)   Any failure to provide such advance supply of sign posts, brackets or hardware to the Department shall entitle the County thereafter to install the standard sign posts and brackets, as provided in Section 1021.05, whenever such sign posts or brackets require repair or replacement.
(Ord. 95-02. Passed 3-1-95.)