1020.02   DEFINITIONS.
   As used in this chapter:
   (a)   “Addressable structure” means any permanent building used for human habitation or gathering or any commercial or industrial structure.
   (b)   “Department” means the Loudoun County Office of Mapping and Geographic Information.
   (c)   “Director” means the Director of the Office of Mapping and Geographic Information of the County, or his or her designee.
   (d)   “Facilities Standards Manual” means the Facilities Standards Manual of Loudoun County.
   (e)   “Frontage or service road” means a public or private right of way adjacent to a public right of way that is used as access to properties fronting such public right of way.
   (f)   “Industrial and commercial structure” means a structure used for industrial or commercial purposes, including, but not limited to, wholesale, retail or service business activities, research and development activities, manufacturing, processing, warehousing and commercial offices.
   (g)   “Master Street Directory of Loudoun County” means the official master listing of existing and reserved street names in Loudoun County, with related information.
   (h)   “Person” means any individual, corporation, cooperative, partnership, firm, association, trust, estate, private institution, group or agency, or any legal successor, representative, agent or agency thereof.
   (i)   “Right of way” means a strip of land intended primarily for vehicular traffic and providing access to property, including but not limited to, an alley, avenue, boulevard, drive, highway, lane, road, street, or any other public or private thoroughfare.
   (j)   “Single-owner private access driveway” means a private driveway providing access to more than one addressable structure where all such addressable structures are owned by one common owner, e.g. tenant houses on an estate. A right of way that provides access to a property which has been subdivided, regardless of whether all lots are still under the same common ownership, shall not be considered a single-owner private access driveway.
(Ord. 94-09. Passed 4-20-94.)
   (k)   “Street Name Map of Loudoun County” means the official Street Name Map of Loudoun County, being a three map set, updated and published annually, which shows the location of all named private and public rights of way and boundaries of incorporated towns and which includes a County-wide map at 1:50,000 scale, an eastern Loudoun enlargement and an incorporated town enlargement.
   (l)   “Street Network Map of Loudoun County” means a series of maps at 1:12,000 (one inch equals 1,000 feet) scale, coincident with the County block base map, which shows names and locations of all named public and private rights of way, future planned rights of way and boundaries of incorporated towns.
   (m)   “Travelway” means a public or private right of way used for vehicular travel, including parking lots used as access for multifamily residential, commercial or industrial structures.
(Ord. 92-01. Passed 1-21-92; Ord. 16-11. Passed 9-14-16.)