(a)   Except as may be otherwise provided by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and notwithstanding any other current ordinances or resolutions enacted by the Board of Supervisors, whether or not compiled in these Codified Ordinances, to the extent of any conflict, the following provisions, effective since January 1, 1997, as amended, shall be applicable to the levy, assessment and collection of taxes imposed on, and to licenses required of, businesses, trades, professions and callings and upon the persons, firms and corporations engaged therein within this locality.
   (b)   The requirements of this chapter shall be in addition to those regulating the issuance of permits to conduct specialized occupations in the County or licenses which may be required by the County, State or lawful authority.
(Ord. 96-08. Passed 10-16-96; Ord. 22-16. Passed 10-12-22.)