(a)   Franchise Term. The term of a franchise shall be for the number of years negotiated in the franchise agreement with the County, unless terminated earlier in accordance with its terms or this chapter.
   (b)   Franchise Renewal. A franchise may be renewed upon the expiration of its term, under conditions and in accordance with procedures negotiated with the County and set forth in the franchise agreement. In determining whether a franchise should be renewed, the County shall consider (i) whether the OVS operator has complied with the terms of its existing franchise and with applicable law; (ii) the quality of the OVS operator's past services; (iii) the OVS operator's financial, legal, technical and other qualifications to provide the proposed services; (iv) whether the operator proposes to meet the community needs and interests related to the operator's system and services that have been identified by the County, including, without limitation, any rebuild or upgrade of the OVS; and (v) any other factors stated in the initial franchise agreement.
(Ord. 2-21. Passed 6-17-02.)